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VR STARDUST v2.0 VR in the Studio

VR in the Studio at TATARBEY  SOKAK NO 20.2, MONDAY 23rd October onwards !


StarsIII "Light Acoss the Sea" 2017 (40x60/30x45)cm ARCHIVAL PRINT 5+2(AP)

An Ode to Stars

An Ode to Stars

As the world turned Awry,
And some looked Away,
And Others could not,
And stared deep, deep into Sea, into Stars,
of Lives and Light …

From Stars we are born,
To Stars we return …

And Meander in Life and Light in between,
Whispering endlessly,
That one day Continuity will come,
That one day, All will be.

The rise
and fall
of the waves,

Sparkling Seconds of light that flare open and close.

Just up and down,
To and fro
The Rhythm of the Waves,
The Rhythms of the Universe, -.

What wouldn’t I give,
For just another night,
Another festive night.
Another celebration of life,
wisdom, music, and unbound joy
in the raw wonders of the universe.
With all those who parted …
And joined the stars …

Feet naked unshod, at the seashores,
Seaweed and sand and shells, cold,
Wet, yet unpulsed.

A time to dance,
And blow with the wind,

Suddenly it no longer makes sense,
Standing upright as the world falls down.

The heart has begun to beat,
And feet keeping rhythm,
to that continuous song …

Sparkling Seconds of light that flare open and close.

Time now,
to let loose,
Of all defunct mechanisms
And let live,
allow change
to take hold …

THE WORLD on the brink of world war,
Bedlam has cracked,
And alive
In a heavenly bliss.

Blessed with beauty
And beauty overflows
All around us.

YET the boats crossed burdened with people
from these shores,
In magical beautiful waters,
disaster hand in hand with ephemeral,
godly beauty.
Another exodus.
As history exits from one period to another.

Is this heaven or hell
When and where are we living ?
Is the 2nd or 4th awakening on its way ?

Or the apocalypse about to burst ?

And these pre apocalyptic times
Of shiny minds on shiny shores

I pray for our veritas
That these tides will wash away
Never realizing …

Tumultuous peace prayers,
Pure beauty.
Water washing Away all the sins that never existed.

AS the world cracks down
AND all that will remain is LOVE
Overpowering, Empowering.

From Stars we are Born
To Stars we return …

Sparkling Seconds of light that flare open and close.

Helping one another
Paving the way
For life to spread.

(poem from Stardust Soundpiece 2017)

Into the world 2014 (63.5 x 95)cm DIASEC 5+1(AP)

twinkle little star

twinkle, twinkle little star

how i wonder who you are

like fireworks in the sky

lost so dark in the night

lost so deep in the light,



illuminating waves

Voices Dispersed

Voices drifting through the ether.

alone or together

infiltrating the space in-between

All our bodies and all our clatter

To be heard or caught or drifted

… seeds of dandelions in the mid/st  “


" a world of Sharing is all she presumes "

” a world of Sharing
is all she presumes “



A voice / sound performance of collective meaning;transition, translation, fragmentation, perception, time & space, experimenting with our modes of perception & consciousness in varying circumstances.

The text, referring to a collective situation is aurally dispersed in particles through the information spreading channels of a host; This host is an enclosed space built for the conglomeration of masses.

” words drifting apart

a collect meaning

beaded together

through letters, words, structures, sentences, stanza’s

… whole heard through the part “

Exploring the possibility of wether the whole can be understood through the parts, quantum’s of a story ..


The performance will be “dispersed” at the Art International fair, 15 – 18 th September, Halic Kongre Merkezi, Istanbul.