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“Photographs of the Way”

Surreallistic Images of an Abstracted Land, through the perception of one set on a journey, with task in hand, walking onwards through terrain, as the concepts of distance and time cease, and a landscape stretch becomes one in time.

these a series of ‘timescapes’

as moments and metres and hours and kilometres are encapsulated into single frames of memory,  single frames of photography.

Asking what is time, what is space, are these concepts separate \ or parts of the same. Does time and space exist perhaps only in our minds, through our perception, or are they a single dimension. Are they fixed or flexible, rigid or relative ?

“these photographs are an exploration of my own notions of time and space upon leaving polis, loci of settlements. They reflect the perception of the traveller, the apostil sent away on a mission from one polis to another, to deliver, and the mass of terrain to be traversed on the journey. They depict the process of how on such a lengthened solitary journey, in a state of mediation, all begins to merge into one.

 I explore our notions of space and time – as nonlinear and relative, growing as such in relation to other components or diminishing, dilating, as accustomed euclidean notions of time and space are being replaced by new physics, where the doors are being opened for a concept of space-time, a mathatical model of viewing the world which combines space and time into a single continuum.

The concept of spacetime creates a single abstract universe from the previous separate dimensions of space and time…Timescapes. 

In the visual process Gul Kozacioglu refers to as ” creating Timespaces “, She amalgamates her practices in philosophy, perception and performance, in an exploration of the concepts of time and space and memory. Her intention to show further possibilities of how things really are in the immanence of ourselves.

The photographs are shot utilising an aleatory technique of multiple exposure on 35mm with a manual handheld Nikon FM2.

The aleatory nature of this practice she believes to create gaps and loopholes for spirits to flutter through and challenge the empirical predictability of technology and  mechanics, from other existential dimensions.


… Photographs of the Way

A series of 40 x60 cm prints from 35mm film.

Archival prints from negative 35 mm film,

Editions of 5 + 1 artist copy,

Size : 40cm  x 60cm,



Prints from this series are being exhibited at “Editions III”, Elipsis Gallery, Hoca Tahsin Soksak / Akce Sokak, Akce Han No:10, Karakoy/Istanbul

from 16.05 – 15.06.2013

Tel : 0212 249 48 92



Date: October 2012