• Voices Dispersed
  • Voices Dispersed

Voices Dispersed

Voices Dispersed


” Voices drifting through the ether.

alone or together

infiltrating the space in-between

All our bodies and all our clatter

To be heard or caught or drifted

… seeds of dandelions in the mid/st  “


A voice / sound performance of collective meaning;

transition, translation, fragmentation, perception, time & space,

experimenting with our modes of perception & consciousness in varying circumstances.


The text, referring to a collective situation is aurally dispersed in particles

through the information spreading channels of a host; This host is an enclosed space built for the conglomeration

of masses.


” words drifting apart

a collect meaning

beaded together

through letters, words, structures, sentences, stanza’s

… whole heard through the part


Exploring the possibility of wether the whole can be understood through the parts, quantum’s of a story ..

The performance will be ” dispersed ” at the Art International fair, on the 15th of September, 2013, Halic Kongre Merkezi, Istanbul.

Opening 15th September, 5 pm –  8 pm,

Fair 16 – 18th September.

Date: september 2013